Contributors come first at Photie. Here's why.

At Photie we know we’re only as strong as the content that we get and that is why we want to make sure Mzanzi’s best get paid for their talents. It’s that simple.

We know there is a need for real South African images, with real South Africans by South Africa’s best. Images that talk to who we are, rather than who they think we should be. The creative industry is hungry for your talent.

Let's talk Moola first.

You earn a royalty for each image downloaded. Photie Users will search our database for images that they need, from our list of main collections, so the more images that you upload the better your chances are to get that cash in.

We only want the best.

It’s about quality too, so there is an approval process for all of our content to make sure that we’re offering excellent quality to make sure that these customers continue to come back to us for more.
Be sure to check out our Contributor Guidelines for info on how to submit the best content.

Do you want to get going?

Apply to license your photos, videos, illustrations or designs through our easy registration process.

Once you have been approved, start uploading your content to your portfolio and tag it into one of our main collections and then add all the keywords that best describes your image. The easier you are to find, the quicker you get that cash in!


Photie Users scroll through the approved content, once they find an image they would like to use, they purchase a license that allows them to download your file for personal or commercial use (based on the terms of the Photie User Content license agreement).

These images could be used across various media from TV to social media. You keep the copyright to your content, we just license the use to Photie Users.

The real deal do not steal

Make sure that the submitted content is yours and that you own the right to earn from it. Make sure they don’t contain any copyrighted or trademarked materials. We’re tight on rules here, and we will not accept content that we believe to be illegitimate. If brands and their logos are visible, we can’t accept the image either, so make sure you edit your work properly.
Images that contain recognizable people or properties will be required to have a signed release giving written permission for the commercial use of that image. Be sure to download the release documents from the Contributor profile after registration.