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A spectacularly South African platform for royalty-free photographs, illustrations and videos. Made by South Africa’s finest creatives, for South Africans.
Inspired by who we are and not what they want us to be. Drawn by our culture and not dictated by the outside, we’re as unique as our own stories.


Our engagements are indicative of the passion of our shared and separate histories and we demand that you speak to us in our tone, sing a tune we know and tell a joke that you’d only get if you were one of us.

We created Photie just for that.

By choosing Photie, you make a decision about a passion for local, extraordinary and exceptional talent. You make a choice about how you are perceived, you make a decision to engage with South Africa’s heartbeat – the talent of its people.

Hear what the founder of Photie, Alison Blair, has to say about this dynamic platform.

Authentic. Vibrant.

We're not just proudly South African, we're pumped because we are South African. We are the reflection of our uniqueness.

Content creators enjoy the most competitive reward for their hard work.

Users benefit from exceptional talent for Rands and not Dollars.

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